Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not of This World, Republican or Democrat, It Doesn't Matter

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place."

     In the wake of this election season political issues and topics ring in our ears from every source. Whether TV, radio, internet, magazines you are going to hear it. You are going to hear the constant battle between at least 2 political parties, each representing their views on the world and the best way to fix things. They will talk about war, the economy, creating new energy sources, health care, etc...the list goes on and on and on. You may ask what the point of all this is ? Why the constant fighting, arguing and debating? It's simple, this is how our democratic system works. This is how we "better" our nation, our earthly kingdom called America.
     The purpose of this post is to examine the importance and reliance as Christians that we place on this earthly kingdom called America. I'll be honest, I love America. It may not be the best nation in the world at all points in time, but if I could pick anywhere to live America would for sure be the first on my list. I'm very thankful that we have been blessed with the religious and political freedoms that we currently have, thank God ! What I do want to talk about is how as Christians I feel we need to be careful that we don't put to much trust in this earthly kingdom, but that we make the Kingdom of God our #1 priority.
     Jesus said, " My kingdom is not of this world." Pretty straight forward I think. What does it mean ? Exactly what he said, His kingdom is not an earthly one. It was not the Roman Empire, Great Britain or America, it is the Kingdom of God. Jesus preached about His kingdom more often than any other subject. This was the reason He came, to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. How is God's kingdom any different than another kingdom you may ask? Jesus tells us how in the verse above. After stating that His kingdom is "not of this world", Jesus continues by saying " if it were my servants would fight...". This to me is the fundamental difference between how the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms/nations of this world operate. This is one way (the only way Jesus felt was worth mentioning to Pilate) that sets them both apart.
     As Christians our priority should be advancing God's kingdom, his way of life, message of salvation, discipling believers, caring for the poor, hungry and imprisoned. I believe as Christians we lose sight of this purpose, our purpose in life, when we begin to "fight" for and about the things of worldly nations. Now I'm not saying it's wrong to vote or wrong to let our biblical values influence our political opinions. What I am saying is that we need to be careful that we don't place our trust in the political system. When we fight for and put priority in worldly things, worldly politics, nations and agenda's we lose sight of where our priority should be, God's kingdom. The United States of America is not the savior of the world. It certainly does not have all the answers. But God does. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not only has the answer but showed us what it looks like. It looks like a cross. When those who are evil and hate us or even just those whom we have differing opinions with want to subject us to their view or even to kill us, we are to love them as Jesus did on the cross. Not that we are wrong in voting a certain way or speaking out against evil or what we feel is wrong, but in doing so we must make sure that our ultimate goal is love. We must accept that even if and when our views are not the majority, when our beliefs are not the law of the land that it's ok. God is still in control of even the most evil governments, He is the answer, the fix to our world. If we as citizens of His kingdom will purpose above anything else to spread His kingdom by loving others as Christ did, that would be more powerful and beneficial than any workings of political parties or nations.

Food for thought, hope you all got something out of the ramblings of this Christ follower.



  1. I agree...if many more Christians were to put more of their focus on Christ and furthering his kingdom, while still doing their part in this kingdom (voting, political involvement), then we would surely see changes for the better in our government system.

    1. Exactly, the key point is in making sure we don't put our faith and trust in our governmental system. Yes, vote and be politically involved if you wish, we must remember in the midst of all this whose kingdom is more important. Whose kingdom will bring about the change God wants. We won't change the world through the worlds system, only God's kingdom can bring true and lasting change, the regeneration of the heart.

  2. Here here!! I'm with you man. We need to remember that the separation of church and state needs to work both ways. Greg Boyd says lots of great stuff on this subject, and he really got my backing with his 'myth of a Christian nation' book. When religious rhetoric starts to blend in with political rhetoric, it can only lead to bad things.

    If Chrisitans everywhere put the same effort into the kingdom of God as they do their national political 'kingdoms' then we would see transformation on a radical scale!

    I know national identity is much stronger in the USA than it is here in the UK, so it's perhaps easier for me to accept what Peter meant when he said we are to be like foreigners in our home lands. Although participation in the political structure is good and healthy, we need to stop drawing self worth and identity from our national identity and instead look to the cross...

  3. Amen brother! I just finished 'Myth of a Christian Nation' actually. I was so overwhelmed with new conviction that the church needs to be the church and stop trying to make the world more like the church that I had to get it "down on paper" !

  4. Right on guys! We are not of this kingdom...and I am soooo glad.

  5. Matt, the dichotomy of war is that it is simultaneously the most heinous and the most honorable of human endeavors. We condemn, and rightfully so, the Hitlers, the Pol Pots, and the Saddams of the world, those who make war for power and profit.
    On the other hand, those who fight wars in order to defend the defenseless, restore the peace, and establish justice; they are among those whom the Apostle John was talking about when he wrote that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend.