Thursday, March 7, 2013

What If Jesus Was Serious?

The other day I had a thought. It was birthed out of my browsing and random readings of the ramblings of fellow bloggers/kingdom of God expounders.

The thought: What if Jesus was serious when he said: Love and pray for your enemies, do not judge others, give to the poor, and don't worry about your life? 

I Tweeted this thought and shortly thereafter, Greg Boyd responded and said: "THAT, my friend, would change EVERYTHING!"

 This thought contains some pretty radical/upside-down/nonsensical statements, yet they are the commands of Jesus to the people of his kingdom. I mean, to most people (and most within Christendom) loving enemies, not judging , and not worrying about your life, are usually not big priorities. We often tend to do the exact opposite and then reach around/over Jesus to pick and choose whatever other part of the Bible we think would support ignoring what he said. We do this in so many areas of our lives, and there is a very long history of those in the church doing this! How can this be,when Jesus, the very one we claim to follow, said that ALL previous Scripture was about HIM! We therefore should view ALL scripture through the lens of Jesus. This is one of the primary reasons that I would identify myself with the Anabaptist tradition. Jesus is the center and lens through which we view not just all of scripture, but all of life!

Here is a short clip from Greg Boyd on this topic:


What are some topics/areas of life where you have seen others jump over Jesus to other parts of scripture to justify their non-Christlike behavior? 

Viva la Revolution !


  1. Like this. Too often we pick and choose how are Christian life should be, like its some build-a-bear. We need to realize that there's only one way to live it...the way Christ would. And frankly that can be scary, but so rewarding. :)

  2. Very good Matt! Thank's for sharing. It is too true, if we like it or not, that is what we tend to do. We need to lean totally into Jesus and say, if this is what you are about Lord, I want it, no matter what!!